Accepted Short Papers

IoT and AI solutions for E-health

Study of Middleware for Internet of Healthcare Things and their Applications

Ghofrane Fersi

Uncertainty in IoT for smart Healthcare : Challenges, and Opportunities

Anis Tissaoui and Azza Harbaoui

Secure E-health Platform

Karima Djouadi and Abdelkader Belkhir

Hybrid and Secure E-health Data Sharing Architecture in Multi-Clouds Environment

Tayssir Ismail, Haifa Touati, Nasreddine Hajlaoui and Hassen Hamdi

Blockchain for Internet of Medical Things: A Technical Review

Fatma Ellouze, Ghofrane Fersi and Mohamed Jmaiel

Application of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Study

Rim Ben Fekih and Meriam Lahami

Trust Execution Environment and Multi-party Computation for Blockchain E-health Systems

Feriel Yahmed and Mohamed Abid

A Fuzzy-ontology Based Diabetes Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

Sondes Titi, Hadda Ben Elhaj and Lamia Chaari

Biomedical and Health Informatics

A Hybrid Approach for Heart Disease Diagnosis and Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Fatma Zahra Abdeldjouad, Menaouer Brahami and Nada Matta

Context-aware Healthcare Adaptation Model for COPD Diseases

Hamid Mcheick, John Sayegh and Hicham Ajami

Study of Healthcare Professionals’ Interaction in the Patient Records with Annotations

Khalil Chehab, Anis Kalboussi and Ahmed Hadj Kacem

Multirate ECG Processing and Machine Learning Based Efficient Arrhythmia Diagnosis

Saeed Mian Qaisar, Moez Krichen and Fatma Jallouli

Comparative Study of Relevant Methods for MRI/X Brain Image Registration

Marwa Abderrahim, Abir Baazaoui and Walid Barhoumi

Machine learning Classification models with SPD/ED Dataset: Comparative study of Abstract versus full article approach

Mayara Khadhraoui, Hatem Bellaaj, Mehdi Ben Ammar, Habib Hamam and Mohamed Jmaiel

Evaluation of Stationary Wavelet Transforms in Reconstruction of Pure High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs)

Thouraya Guesmi, Abir Hadriche, Nawel Jmail and Chokri Ben Amar

Ensuring the Correctness and Well Modeling of Intelligent Healthcare Management Systems

Samir Ouchani and Moez Krichen

Wellbeing Technology

An Embedded ANN Raspberry PI for Inertial Sensor Based Human Activity Recognition

Achraf Jmal, Amel Meddeb Makhlouf, Rim Barioul, Ahmed Fakhfakh and Olfa Kanoun

Human Activities Recognition in Android Smartphone using WSVM-HMM Classifier

M’hamed Bilal Abidine and Belkacem Fergani

Mobile Assistive Application for Blind People in Indoor Navigation

Hanen Jabnoun, Mohammad Abu Hashish and Faouzi Benzarti

Older People’s Needs and Opportunities for Assistive Technologies

Jeffrey Soar, Lei Yu and Latif Al-Hakim

Towards a Formal Context-Aware Workflow Model for Ambient Environment

Roumeissa Khennaoui and Nabil Belala

The PULSE project: a Case of Use of Big Data Uses Toward a Cohomprensive Health Vision of City Well Being

Domenico Vito, Manuel Ottaviano, Riccardo Bellazzi, Cristiana Larizza, Vittorio Casella, Marica Franzini and Daniele Pala

ForeSight - an AI-driven Smart Living Platform, Approach to Add Access Control to openHAB

Jochen Bauer, Michael Hechtel, Christoph Konrad, Martin Holzwarth, Hilko Hoffmann, Thomas Feld, Sven Schneider, Ingo Zinnikus, Andreas Mayr and Jorg Franke