ICOST Virtual Conference

24th – 26th June 2020, Hammamet, Tunisia

Welcome Speeches

Technical Oral Sessions

Alzheimer's disease early detection using a low cost three-dimensional densenet-121 architecture

Braulio Solano-Rojas, Ricardo Villalón-Fonseca and Gabriela Marín-Raventós

Self-adaptative Early Warning Scoring System for Smart Hospital

Imen Benida, Jemai Abderrazak, Moez Balti and Sondes Chabaane

Machine learning based rank attack detection for Smart Hospital Infrastructure

Abd Mlak Said, Aymen Yahyaoui, Faicel Yaakoubi and Takoua Abdellatif

Remote Health Monitoring Systems based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Communication Systems

Lamia Chaari Fourati and Sana Said

Modeling and specification of Bootstrapping and Registration design patterns for IoT applications

Mohamed Hadj Kacem, Imen Tounsi and Najeh Khalfi

EEG-based Hypo-vigilance detection using convolutional neural network

Amal Boudaya, Bassem Bouaziz, Siwar Chaabene, Lotfi Chaari, Acharf Ammar and Anita Hoekelmann

Respiratory Activity Classification Based on Ballistocardiogram Analysis

Mohamed Chiheb Ben Nasr, Sofia Ben Jebara, Samuel Otis, Bessam Abdulrazak and Neila Mezghani

A convolutional neural network for Lentigo diagnosis

Sana Zorgui, Siwar Chaabene, Bassem Bouaziz, Hadj Batatia and Lotfi Chaari

Deep Learning-based Approach for Atrial Fibrillation Detection

Lazhar Khriji, Marwa Fradi, Mohsen Machhout and Abdulnasir Hossen

Unsupervised Method based on Superpixel Segmentation for Corpus Callosum Parcellation in MRI Scans

Amal Jlassi, Khaoula Elbedoui and Walid Barhoumi

Using learning techniques to observe elderly's behavior changes over time

Dorsaf Zekri, Thierry Delot, Mikael Desertot, Sylvain Lecomte and Marie Thilliez

Personalized and Contextualized Persuasion System for Older Adults’ Physical Activity Promoting

Houssem Aloulou, Hamdi Aloulou, Bessam Abdulrazak and Ahmed Hadj Kacem

Baseline Modelling and Composite Representation of Unobtrusively (IoT) Sensed Behaviour Changes Related to Urban Physical Well-being

Vladimir Urošević, Marina Andrić and José Pagán

Automatic Daily Activity Schedule Planning for Simulating Smart House with Elderly People Living Alone

Can Jiang and Akira Mita

A novel on-wrist fall detection system using Supervised Dictionary Learning technique

Farah Othmen, Mouna Baklouti, André Lazzaretti, Marwa Jmal and Mohamed Abid

Combined Machine Learning and Semantic Modelling for Situation Awareness and Healthcare Decision Support

Amira Henaien, Hadda Ben Elhadj and Lamia Chaari

Improving Access and Mental Health for Youth through Virtual Models of Care

Cheryl Forchuk, Sandra Fisman, Jeffrey Reiss, Kerry Collins, Julie Eichstedt, Abraham Rudnick, Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai, Jeffrey Hoch, Xianbin Wang, Daniel Lizotte, Shona Macpherson and Richard Booth