Accepted Short Papers

53 SmartHealth and Internet of Things

Abdulmutalib Masaud-Wahaishi, Afshan Samani and Hamada Ghenniwa

39 Feature sub-set selection for activity recognition

Francisco J. Quesada, Francisco Moya, Macarena Espinilla, Luis Martínez and Chris Nugent

32 Ambulatory Energy Expenditure Evaluation for Treadmill Exercises

Gareth Williams, Sajeewani Karunarathne, Samitha Ekanayake and Pubudu Pathirana

12 SNS based predictive model for depression

Jamil Hussain, Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal Ali, Maqbool Ali, Sungyoung Lee, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Muhammad Afzal and Oresti Banos

51 Activity Recognition in Assistive Living Facilities with Incremental, Approximate Ground Truth

Jit Biswas, Romain Endelin, Clifton Phua, Aung Aung Phyo Wai, Andrei Tolstikov, Zhu Jiaqi, Thibaut Tiberghien, Hamdi Aloulou, Philip Yap Lin Kiat and Mounir Mokhtari

17 Multimodal recognition of emotions using physiological signals with the method of decision-level fusion for healthcare applications

Kone Chaka, Meftah T. Imen, Le Thanh Nhan and Belleudy Cecile

23 Influencing Factors in the Design of Smart Homes for Persons with Disabilities

Kris Doelling, Jonathan Kretz and Mike McNair

41 Reducing the response time for activity recognition through use of prototype generation algorithms

Macarena Espinilla, Francisco J. Quesada, Francisco Moya, Luis Martinez and Chris Nugent

11 An Interactive Case-Based Flip Learning Tool for Medical Education

Maqbool Ali, Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal Ali, Jamil Hussain, Sungyoung Lee and Byeong Ho Kang

42 Multiple Occupant Movement Recognition in Smart Homes

Masoud Vatanpour Azghandi, Ioanis Nikolaidis and Eleni Stroulia

44 Preco Framework: A predictive Approach for Comorbidities Risk Assessment

Mehdi Snene, Manel Sghir and Dimitri Konstantas

46 an efficient tool for sharing medical data between patients and doctors

Olivier Plaut and Aurélie Rosemberg

02 Genome mining using machine learning techniques

Peter Wlodarczak, Jeffrey Soar and Mustafa Ally

34 Facilitating delivery and remote monitoring of behaviour change interventions to reduce risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease: The Gray Matters Study

Phillip Hartin, Ian Cleland, Chris Nugent, Sally McClean, Joann Tschanz, Christine Clark and Maria Norton

35 Measurement and Assessment of Hand Functionality via a Cloud-based Implementation

Trieu H. Pham and Pubudu N. Pathirana

09 Improving Patient Engagement by Aggregating and Analyzing Health & Fitness Data on a Mobile Device

Valerie Gay and Peter Leijdekkers

07 Interactive Fridge: A Solution For Preventing Domestic Food Waste

Van Nhan Nguyen, Thi Hoa Nguyen, Tai Tien Huynh and Van Hai Nguyen

47 Australian Community Care Experience on the Design, Development, Deployment and Evaluation of Implementing the Smarter Safer Homes Platform

Anne Livingstone, Paul Hawing, Eleanor Horton, Mohan Karunanithi and Elizabeth Dodd