Accepted Full Papers

21 Using sensory substitution of median sensory deficits in the traumatized hand to develop an innovative home-base hand rehabilitation system

Alessandro Semere, Yohan Payan, Francis Cannard, Bruno Diot and Nicolas Vuillerme

13 Privacy-Preserving Energy-Reading for Smart Meter

Gianpiero Costantino and Fabio Martinelli

16 “Get that camera out of my house!” Conjoint measurement of preferences for video-based healthcare monitoring systems in private and public places.

Katrin Arning and Martina Ziefle

40 Dead Reckoning with Smart Phone Sensors

Ajay Gupta, Kurt Maly, Tamer Nadeem, Ramesh Govindarajulu, Ravi Pitapurapu, Sandip Godambe and Arno Zaritsky

50 Activity Playback Modeling for Smart Home Simulation

Sirui Liu, Sumi Helal and Jae Woong Lee

14 Smartphone-based system for motor control assessment, monitoring, improving and training at home

Quentin Mourcou, Anthony Fleury, Céline Franco, Bruno Diot and Nicolas Vuillerme

28 Home-Based Self-Management of Dementia: Closing the Loop

Timothy Patterson, Ian Cleland, Phillip Hartin, Chris Nugent, Norman Black, Mark Donnelly, Paul McCullagh, Huiru Zheng and Suzanne McDonough

33 A Kinematic Based Evaluation of Upper Extremity Movement Smoothness for Tele-rehabilitation

Saiyi Li and Pubudu Pathirana

08 Smart Fall: Accelerometer-based Fall Detection in a Smart Home Environment

Dennis Sprute, Aljoscha Pörtner, Alexander Weinitschke and Matthias König

36 Technical Challenges Towards an AAL Large Scale Deployment

Joaquim Bellmunt, Thibaut Tiberghien, Mounir Mokhtari, Hamdi Aloulou and Romain Endelin

43 Recommendations for the creation of Datasets in support of data driven Activity Recognition models

Fulvio Patara, Chris D. Nugent and Enrico Vicario

04 Patient Centric Ontology for Telehealth Domain

Daniel Bjerring Joergensen, Kasper Hallenborg and Yves Demazeau

18 Design Considerations for Adaptive Lighting to Improve Seniors’ Mood

Alina Huldtgren, Christina Katsimerou, Andre Kuijsters, Judith Redi and Ingrid Heynderickx

22 Perspectives on Collaboration in Technology Innovation for Ageing

Piper Jackson, Judith Sixsmith and Andrew Sixsmith

38 From User Requirements to Data: An XML Standard for Structuring Events in Monitored

Rebekah Hunter, Mark Donnelly, Dewar Finlay and George Moore

52 QueFaire: Context-aware in-person social activity recommendation system for active aging

Victor Ponce, Jean-Pierre Deschamps, Louis-Philippe Giroux, Farzad Salehi and Bessam Abdulrazak

10 User interaction concepts in smart caring homes for elderly with chronic conditions

Cristian-Dan Bara, Miriam Cabrita, Harm Op den Akker and Hermie Hermens

24 Using Big Data for Emotionally Intelligent Mobile Services through Multimodal Emotion

Yerzhan Baimbetov, Matthias Steinbauer, Ismail Khalil and Gabriele Kotsis

54 Anti-Fall: A Non-intrusive and Real-time Fall Detector Leveraging CSI from Commodity WiFi Devices

Daqing Zhang, Hao Wang, Yasha Wang and Jungyi Ma

5 Durable Plug and Play Device for Bed Tele-Monitoring

Hisato Kobayashi

37 Serious games and Personalization of the Therapeutic Education

Jacques Demongeot, Adrien Elena, Carla Taramasco and Nicolas Vuillerme