Prof Jacques Demongeot (France)

  • Prof Jacques Demongeot
  • University of Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France


Serious game as new health telematics tool for patient therapy education: example of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Jhe recent introduction of the serious games technology in medical education allows dispatching the health knowledge in communities not actually still concerned by the e-learning. The medical cyber-universities are giving essentially primary knowledge to medical students and continuing education for MP’s, the paramedics being only a secondary target. The patient is rarely considered as a prior customer of the medical e-learning, but the increase of the chronic diseases as those emerging from the sequence overweight-obesity-diabetes of type 2 or from contamination spread facilitated by the new transportation modalities, with complex mode of propagation depending on their contagious (social or infectious) character, pushes to conceive active e-learning tools including a bio-feedback from the p`atient susceptible to increase its knowledge, level of responsibility, reactivity, compliance and observance with respect to the acute or long-term therapy and prevention policy concerning its disease. The paper presents the serious game as a user-friendly tool  susceptible to serve the objective of e-therapy education at home for patients suffering of long term chronic diseases.

Jacques Demongeot is presently director of the Laboratory TIMC (CNRS 5525) Techniques of Imaging, Modelling & Cognition and he is also head of the Institute of Bio-engineering (IFRT 130 IpV) at the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France. He has MD and PhD in mathematics and has been appointed Chairman of Biomathematics at the Institut Universitaire de France in 1994. Jacques Demongeot is also responsible for the Department of Medical Information at the University Hospital of Grenoble (CHUG) and for the doctoral school of bio-engineering Health, Cognition & Environment.

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