Jean Gelissen (Netherlands)

  • Jean Gelissen
  • Philips, The Netherlands


Ambient Assisted Living for Active Healthy Aging

In the US seniors, making up 13% of the population, account for 36% of the total healthcare cost.  In the Euro zone the expenditure related to the ageing population is expected to grow from 0.9% of the GDP in 2010 (~ 9000B€) to 1.7% in 2050. This increase can be reduced by 40% to 60% if the mental and physical disability of elderly citizens stays in line with the increase of life expectancy (sources EU, WHO/Europe and Rock Health). It is the goal of the Action Line Health & Wellbeing (HWB) of the EIT ICT Labs to act on this economic and societal opportunity.

The HWB Action Line improves the quality of everyday life via the development of ICT enabled services supporting a sustainable healthy (mental, physical and social) lifestyle in the context of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for Active Healthy Ageing (AHA). Global and societal and economic trends as the ageing population and the growing consumer empowerment call for an innovative and entrepreneurial ICT enabled & supported approach towards Health and Wellbeing. This approach improves the quality of life by supporting people with ICT based solutions to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active lives also at an advanced age and enables independent living while at the same time avoid social exclusion in other words, supporting active healthy ageing. This includes both regular as well as innovative emerging service providers.

Jean Gelissen studied at the Poly Technical School in Venlo, the Netherlands (graduated in Electronics, specialization Computer Technology, in 1977) and did a Post Graduate Course in Utrecht, The Netherlands (graduated in Informatics, 1986). His training was extended with a large number of technical and management courses from 1977 on during his professional career at Philips (Research Laboratories).

His professional career started in 1977 at Philips Research in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He started in digital signal processing, both in software and hardware development, and gained large experience in computer networks, formal specification methods, multimedia as well as multimedia processing architectures and embedded software domain with a focus on architectures and methodology. He has been Department Head of the IPA (Information Processing Architectures) department (research group) in the Lifestyle program of Philips Research and has been appointed to Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Lifestyle program that at Philips Research in 2006.

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