Accepted Short Papers

  1. A Rehabilitation Exercise Assessment System Based on Wearable Sensors for Knee Osteoarthritis
  2. Measuring People Activity with Smart Homes
  3. Fall Detection System using Novel Detection and Posture Recognition Algorithm
  4. Identifying Phases of Gait and Development of Walking Model from Pressure and Accelerometer Data and its Ramifications in Elderly Walking
  5. AQUEDUC:Improving Quality and Efficiency of Care for Elders in Real Homes
  6. Meaningful Integration of Online Knowledge Resources with Clinical Decision Support System
  7. Towards Improving Reliability of Computational RFID based Smart Healthcare Monitoring Systems
  8. Challenges, Experiences and Lessons Learned from Deploying Patient Monitoring and Assistance System at Dementia Care Hostel
  9. Active and healthy ageing with KeepCare
  10. From Activity Recognition to Situation Recognition
  11. Fuzzy Logic based Activity Life Cycle Tracking and Recognition
  12. Mobility monitoring inside the room of Parkinson's Patients using the Received Signal Strength Intensity in a wireless sensor network
  13. Guardian: A Pervasive Environment to Monitor Elderly People in Medical Treatment at Home
  14. Automatic Fall Detection system with a RGB-D Camera using a Hidden Markov Model
  15. Designing a matchmaking platform for smart living services
  16. Design and evaluation of a telepresence robot for interpersonal communication with older adults
  17. Supporting Care Networks Using the “Daily Care Journal”
  18. The development of a support bar without structural modification of the domestic environment
  19. Formal Analysis of Context-Aware Medication Management System for Smart Houses
  20. Tactile Recognition in PetH Robot for Wellbeing of the Elderly

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