Initiated in 2003, the ICOST conference aims to develop an active research community dedicated to explore how Smart Homes and Health Telematics can foster independent living and offer an enhanced quality of life for ageing and disabled people. In the past six years this community has grown, with conferences held in Europe, Asia and north America. For its seventh edition, ICOST is back in France where it was created. This will provide the opportunity to reflect upon the past 7 years in addition to looking forward to plan for the years ahead.

Each year ICOST has a specific theme. ICOST2003 focused on usability. The theme was "Independent Living for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly People." The theme for ICOST2004 was "Towards a Human-Friendly Assistive Environment." The ICOST2005 theme was "From Smart Homes to Smart Care." For ICOST2006, it was "Smart Homes and Beyond” and ICOST2007 had the theme of "Pervasive Computing Perspectives for Quality of Life Enhancement". Last year the theme of ICOST2008 was "Gerontechnology: Enhancing the Quality of Life for Rural Elders". ICOST2009 will focus on the extension of the home environment towards open living spaces within the city. The theme of the Conference this year will therefore be "Ambient assistive health and wellness management in the heart of the city".

ICOST2009 will have the focus on the deployment of technology and usage with the involvement of both industrials and end users. Demonstration sessions and brainstorming sessions with users will be organised in addition to regular paper and poster presentation sessions.

Tours is proud to extend its hospitality to the international core community in assistive technology, so let us use this opportunity to improve our research and innovation strategies to provide a strong impact at a societal and economical level with the core objective of improving the quality of life of dependant people world-wide.

Mounir Mokhtari

Institut TELECOM/TELECOM SudParis, France / CNRS-IPAL (UMI 2955), Singapore

Daqing Zhang

Institut TELECOM/TELECOM SudParis, France

Chris Nugent

University of Ulster, United Kingdom

ICOST2009 General Chairs

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