ICOST 2005 : 3rd International Conference On Smart homes and health Telematic

From Smart Homes to Smart Care - July 4-6, 2005

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Third International Conference on Smart homes and health Telematics



July 4-6, 2005

Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada


DOMUS Laboratory, University of Sherbrooke, Canada


Institut National des Télécommunications, Groupe des Ecoles des Télécommunications, Paris. France

Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore

The first edition of ICOST in 2003 took place in Europe. The second edition was hosted in Asia. With a third edition in North America, ICOST reaches the status of a de facto world wide conference. ICOST aims at creating an active research community dedicated to explore how smart homes in particular and health telematics in general can foster independent living and an enhanced life style for elderly and disabled people. On the one hand, smart homes are augmented environment with embedded computers, information appliances, and multi-modal sensors allowing people to perform tasks efficiently by offering unprecedented levels of access to information and assistance from computer. We believe in a near future elderly and disabled people will resort to smart assistive technology to carry out daily living activities, socialize, and enjoy entertainment and leisure activities. On the other hand, health telematics makes the most of networks and telecommunications to propose health services, expertise and information at distance. It changes at root the way health related services (diagnosis, therapy, and assistance) can be conceived and used. For instance, telemonitoring can secure relatives and help medical staff to provide for better care.

Nowadays networks, microprocessors, memory chips, smart sensors and actuators are faster, cheaper and smaller than ever. They are becoming available anywhere, anytime. Current advances in such enabling technologies let foresee novel applications and services for improving the life of elderly and disabled people in their home and outside. The conference will present the latest approaches and technical solutions in the area of smart home, health telematics, and enabling technologies. Technical topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·       Intelligent Environments / Smart Homes

·       Human-Machine Interface / Ambient Intelligence

·       Middleware Support for Smart Home and Health Telematics Services

·       Tele-Assistance and Tele-Rehabilitation

·       Context Awareness / Autonomous Computing

·       Wearable Sensors / Home Health Monitoring

·       Medical Data Collection and Processing

·       Modeling of Physical and Conceptual Information in Intelligent Environments

·       Vision / Hearing / Cognitive Devices

·       Personal Robotics and Smart Wheelchairs

·       Home Networks / Residential Gateways

·       Social / Privacy / Security Issues

Each year, ICOST has a specific flavor. ICOST2003 focused on usability. The theme was «Independent living for persons with disabilities and elderly people». ICOST 2004 theme was «Toward a Human-Friendly Assistive Environment». ICOST 2005 aims to address the link between objects, assistance, and cognition. How smart objects may be designed, improved and used to provide personalized assistance? Thus papers or special sessions addressing the following topics are most welcomed:

·       Cognitive Orthotics /Assisted cognition

·       Location-based services / Personalization

·       Pervasive computing

·       Smart objects / Tangible interfaces

·       RFID / smart tags

In combination with presentations, posters, exhibits and technology demonstrations, you are invited to organize special sessions in any related fields to tackle the new technical challenges.

Full details on the conference are available at: http://icost2005.domus.usherbrooke.ca or by e-mail icost2005@usherbrooke.ca.



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For your planning: Note that ICORR'2005 will be held in Chicago, June 28-July 1, 2005 just before ICOST 2005.